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Six reasons to invest in our work

  1. Participate - in transforming critical issues for the future
  2. Work - with women to address the real issues in their lives.  Help us to build resilience, empowering women as key change makers
  3. Strategy - God has given us a vision and a mission, a plan and a purpose.  He says we are powerfully positioned to   activate what must be done to end domestic abuse in the lives of women and children
  4. Invest - in people, putting you in direct partnership with the most experienced and committed leaders for the end of domestic abuse in your community
  5. Change communities -  Becoming more aware of the effects of domestic violence and abuse helps  to understand more about the big issues such as homelessness, mental illness, poverty and how these affect future generations
  6. NVCFR depends on the money of individual investors like you

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