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Campaign update – 21st June 2016
On behalf of the Nailsea skatepark project team we just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody who has contributed towards this amazing project.
The current situation is that we have raised an incredible hundred and £116,000 out of a potential target of £117,500, so as of today we only have about £1,500 to raise.
The skate Park will be officially opened on July 9th, and has obviously been unofficially opened for just over one month.

A huge thank you if you're reading this and you have donated because it shows what a community can do when it works together, and if you have not yet donated and would love to, now is the time, as we want to be able to reach our total by the time the skatepark opens on July 9th.
Thank you once again
Phil, Josh, Joe, Neil, Rob, Ian and and the rest of the team

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