This MEMBERSHIP package is for companies or individuals who wish to help Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes achieve their funding target of £10,000 - by way of contributions of £100 or more.

You are then invited to send your company logo to us which will be displayed on our main website.

If you wish to make a more general contribution to our charity, please use the traditional donation page here: https://www.goldengiving.com/secure/donation/nottinghamshire-blood-bikes



100cc Club

You are agreeing to join our 100cc Club with a donation of £100.

Should you wish to donate in excess of £100, you can either choose "multiple" memberships, select an additional "donation" value at the end of the payments page, or you can contact us separately if you would prefer to contribute via another route (such as a cheque, or bank transfer etc).

GBP100.00 per membership.