Please sponsor Mark Smith as he cycles 570km (354 miles) in September to raise funds for Provide Devon who provide emergency food for families and individuals in crisis.   Since June 2019 Mark has gone from someone who was incredibly inactive, who found walking up stairs a chore, and was classified as borderline morbidly obese to someone unrecognisably transformed. Initially weighing in at 23 stones and 10lb he joined Slimming World and over 13 months has reduced his weigh to 14 stones 10lb! This loss of 9 stones, or 57kg, now puts him in the healthy weight category.   This has totally changed Mark’s life and now he wants to promote healthy living and help people in need.   In the past three months Mark has taken up cycling to help get fit and it has become a major passion of his. During those three months he has ridden just under 500 miles, but wants to challenge himself, get out of his comfort zone and promote the work of Provide Devon. To do this he is planning to ride 570km (354 miles) during September to reflect the 57kg of weight lost which has enabled him to attempt the challenge. The charity has set a target of £2,000 as it anticipates feeding a further 2,000 people this year - the majority of who will be local children at risk of hunger. Thank you so much for making a difference.
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Provide Devon is a charity providing emergency food and other essentials to people in crisis within Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Using a combination of fresh produce and donated food, a food parcel can be provided to referral agents to deliver within hours. We aim to give individuals immediate relief from food insecurity at crisis point.

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