Hello I am doing a self funding trip to try and raise funds for a special sensory room at home for a little lady called Neave.  Neave is two year old & was born with cerebral palsy, this room will improve her quality of life, have fun at home & most importantly help keep her relaxed & calm during her bad days.  So let's make it happen, lets build her dream room.....lets get it done!...on the 27 September - its the last training on the welsh 3000 peaks, 15 peaks over 3 days, then on 17 October it's the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, 20,000 ft over six days, doing 5-12 hours a day walks, staying in tents with no tv, yes me with no tv!!, no central heating, hair dryer , showers or Cider!!!  Oh dear what am I doing.......We all take for granted our freedom & choices so for me to give it up for a while will be worthwhile for Neave,  be rest assured this is not the norm for me but I can always have a cider & a hot bath later!!  For more info on Neave & be her friend visit or email me on

Thank you  and please give what your can it will all be appreciated, Lorraine x

well I made it! it nearly killed me on the ascent night and was an emotional journey, tears alround, but I did it! Jan will post on the site as I can't put anymore Picts on the site, thank you and watch out I will be back in the uk on 1st collecting my money!!!! Xx

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About the good cause

Neave's Fund Neave's Fund

Neave Evans was born by emergency Caesarean section on Sunday the 2nd October 2011. After a very traumatic start to life she was diagnosed with quadriplegic, spastic Cerebral Palsy. Her disability means she has great difficulty sending messages to her arms and legs, struggles to control her head and cannot do anything herself. She is fed through a tube in her stomach and is reliant on care 24/7 for all her needs.

Neave is now 4 years old and even with her disability is a happy & fun-loving little girl with an infectious smile.

We fundraise for specialist equipment for Neave that is not available through the NHS like sensory equipment that calms her and provides her with much joy.

Currently we are in the process of adapting the house to provide ground floor accommodation for Neave. We would like to incorporate as much sensory stimulation into the build as possible and require a specialist bath.

As well as fundraising for Neave’s needs, we also fundraise and donate to two charities that provide invaluable assistance to Neave, The Legacy Rainbow House which Neave attends for Conductive Therapy and Zoe’s Place where Neave receives respite care.

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