As you may be aware Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary acquired Gracedale Farm at the end of the Summer last year. Unfortunately however whilst the farm has around 40 acres of fantastic grazing for the rescued horses and cows all the fields are not fenced - meaning we cant use them for animals :(

So we need to raise a significant sum to pay for the fields to be securely fenced - we have very large and powerful horses (Percherons and Clydesdales) and the Cows will "test" the fencing - so we don't want to do this work more than once for the foreseeable future which mean we need to get it done properly, securely and safely

We won't be using barbed wire, we will instead be concreting in posts every 2 metres and using scaffold boards instead of the usual thinner rails as these simply will not be strong enough to stand up to the size and type of rescued animals we have at the sanctuary, Additionally we will run sheep wire underneath the scaffold boards to facilitate sheep in the fields too

To start the work we have already pre-ordered 100 scaffold boards (3.9m) at a cost of £1,000 and we will need a further 700, plus all the 5 inch square posts that will be concreted in place.

So phase 1 of the fund raising will be to purchase 800 scaffold boards at £8000 (£10 each)

A very kind supporter has already offered to 'match buy' up to 50 boards which means that if you can buy 1 board at £10, they will buy 1 too - up to 50 :)

Any amount you can help with will be very gratefully appreciated - if we can't fence the fields, we can't use them to graze the rescued animals, so we simply have to find a way to make this work

Thank you 





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Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Fiona Oakes and her partner Martin provide care and a home for life to around 600 rescued animals - both domestic and ex-farm - at several sites in Essex. Fiona has to find between twelve and fifteen thousand pounds a month to feed the animals. The Sanctuary is not what Fiona does for a living, she is a retained Fire-Fighter and her partner Martin is retired from the Financial Services industry. No income or expenses are deducted from donations made to the sanctuary to ensure that 100% of every pound received goes towards the feed costs. There are no staff as Fiona & Martin do all the work alone with a small team of volunteers.

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