I teach English to students who have come to the UK to live on a permanent basis. Many of them are asylum seekers and refugees, who have fled conflict, poverty and oppressive regimes. Many of my students are Muslim and began to observe Ramadan yesterday evening. Every year students have always encouraged me to try fasting during Ramadan, my reply has always been "I'll try next year!" However, I really respect the idea behind fasting, of appreciating what you have and thinking of people less fortunate. I think during the current situation it's more important than ever to do this. 

So, I have decided to try to observe Ramadan and fast this month. I'm not religious, but I've always wondered if I could have the willpower to do it. This year is probably the best year to do it, as I'm not around people to snap at when I get hangry (hungry and angry)! 

As you may know, I absolutely LOVE food and I drink a lot of water. I eat all day long, so this is going to be a bit of a challenge for me! As an incentive, on completing my goal of one month, I am going to donate money to the three local refugee services that do an amazing job of helping so many of my students here in Newcastle- the West End Refugee Service, the North of England Refugee Service and Action Foundation.

I would appreciate any words of encouragement over the next month, it's going to be very difficult!

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Action Foundation is an award-winning charity based in Newcastle upon Tyne providing help to refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants through supported housing and free community language classes.

Action Foundation empowers refugees to overcome exclusion, supporting them to; avoid homelessness and extreme poverty, access vital services, increase their skills and employability, access legal support, integrate and live independently.  

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