On 6th December a message was sent by DEFRA to all keepers of Poultry to advise that ALL domestic birds must be brought indoors to avoid avian flu for one month, although it was not until April 13th that the "all clear" was given to allow them out.

To bring in over 180 birds (hens, cockerels, geese, turkeys and ducks) who were used to free range was a big ask and was only achieved by blocking off part of the main stable block which resulted in the loss of use of the stables in that section over Winter.

Vets have advised that this will happen every year now, but whilst we were able to cope last Winter, this year with the older horses another year older, we really need to keep access to the stables and create a more effective area to house the birds

We want to create a purpose built area that will be big enough to ensure that the birds are comfortable and easy to keep clean and we now have a FABULOUS opportunity to make this happen as a very generous supporter has offered to match money donated to this project up to a value of £20,000 - so this really is an amazing chance for the sanctuary to raise much needed funds and literally means that you can DOUBLE your donation :) - i.e. a donation of £20 will mean the sanctuary gets £40 !
Please help us to make this happen - you will be directly helping birds like Betty who is shown in the picture - This was how she looked on the day she was saved from slaughter having been at an "alleged" free range farm - Betty is doing well now and is fast growing a new set of feathers

Thank you


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Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Fiona Oakes and her partner Martin provide care and a home for life to around 600 rescued animals - both domestic and ex-farm - at several sites in Essex. Fiona has to find between twelve and fifteen thousand pounds a month to feed the animals. The Sanctuary is not what Fiona does for a living, she is a retained Fire-Fighter and her partner Martin is retired from the Financial Services industry. No income or expenses are deducted from donations made to the sanctuary to ensure that 100% of every pound received goes towards the feed costs. There are no staff as Fiona & Martin do all the work alone with a small team of volunteers.

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