New City College joins JUST ONE TREE in their work to reduce carbon emissions by planting trees. Trees are big climate regulators on a global scale. They lock greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, into their structure removing them from the atmosphere and slowing down Global Warming. They control climate by absorbing and filtering the sun's radiant energy, reducing wind speeds and cooling the air as they lose moisture. It's estimated that trees can reduce the temperature in cities by up to 7 degrees Celsius.
Join us in reducing CO2 from the atmosphere by planting trees - all it takes is 1 pound!

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About the good cause


On hearing we now only have a decade left to prevent our planet from plummeting into irreversible and catastrophic destruction, I look at my 2 year old daughter and am terrified what that means for her. I can no longer sit back and hope that my recycling efforts at home are enough.

I've been asking myself, how it is possible for me, as JUST ONE individual to actually make a difference?

I've since realised it's when 'we individuals' group together.

So I’ve set up JUST ONE Tree, a non-profit initiative, supporting reforestation projects around the globe. Making it super simple to plant trees.  

It’s easy. Just £1 - plants one tree.

As an added bonus we’re kick starting by partnering with reforestation projects in poverty stricken areas. So in addition to the benefits to the Earth, our efforts will provide training and sustainable incomes (among many other benefits) for the people in the local communities.

Join me and together let's combat Global Warming. Collectively, we can make an impact.

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