Haws rescued Iceni from the streets when she was heavily pregnant – 2 days later she gave birth to 7 kittens, one of whom died shortly after.  I have been fostering her and her 6 kittens, who are now 6 weeks old.  Its been a roller coaster!!  Iceni is only about 15 months old and when the kittens were 2 weeks old it became apparent that she wasn’t producing enough milk for the babies… Over 2 weeks of syringe feeding the kittens to supplement Iceni and the kittens are all now eating sloppy but sold food and only needing occasional kitten milk supplements.

However, Iceni has started to find it harder and harder to breath and is running a fever.  All she wants it to care for her babies but her breathing rate when asleep is over double what it should be in spite of some drug treatments.  And when she is awake, she has bouts of panting, particularly when she is trying to round up her kittens because she wants to know they are safe and near her.  She had an ultrasound today (and registered her displeasure by poohing on the vet’s assistant!!).  She needs to have a bronchial lavage tomorrow morning under full anaesthetic and various labs to find out whether she has a nasty infection or whether this is asthma.  But the cost of this and her ultrasound is around £1500.  Therefore I am asking for donations to Haws vets bill account to cover as much of this as possible. Haws vet bills annually are in excess of £80,000 so every penny helps, particularly when one cat needs a block of money spent on her to ensure her health and well being. 

If you go to my Facebook page ( you can see stories, videos and photos of the Iceni and her kittens.  Her babies are healthy and hearty and as cute as can be – anything you can give to help Iceni be as healthy and happy as they would be very much appreciated.

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