Gilbert is a gorgeous little kitten who has a congenital deformity called pectus excavatum. His ribs curve sharply inwards as his sternum is pushed back and up towards the spine. A CT scan shows his chest to be so cramped that his heart is pushed into the space where his left lung should be, and both lungs are constricted. Without an operation, Gilbert is unlikely to live very long, and will become increasingly unwell as his squashed heart and lungs will not support his growing body. 

A specialist plans to rectify the malformation with a plastic ‘corset’ which will be sutured to Gilbert's sternum, and gently tightened to draw his bone forward, allowing his heart and lungs to expand. 
 Gilbert is such a bright, cheerful and energetic little fellow and HAWS is not prepared to give up hope for him. The charity intends to do everything possible to give Gilbert a happy, healthy life. This sum will cover his surgery including CT scan and contingencies.

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