Donate towards the main food bank in Latvia: Paedusai Latvijai.
Please be generous as EBRD 
Community Initiative is to match donations (T&Cs apply).

Covid-19 is hitting the poor hardest. Families with children in Latvia are in urgent need of your support for daily meals.

- 74% of Latvians have savings that amount to 1 month's salary or less
- Covid lockdown has stopped many businesses, with several thousand Latvians having lost their jobs
- Unemployment benefits are often paid with 2 months delay  

The main food bank charity in Latvia - Paedusai Latvijai ( run by Samaritans in Latvia ( - has been receiving more and more cries for help from families where one of the parents has lost his/her job and as a result the family does not have sufficient means to feed the children. 

Before Covid Paedusai Latvijai used to distribute 600 food packs every month. The number of requests has almost doubled since the Covid lockdown.

Donations raised in this fundraiser will be used to cover basic meal kits. The cost of one pack is €9~£8. This fundraising is part of EBRD Community Initiative 2020that has agreed in principle to provide matching funding. This is subject to the condition that at least €3,000 are raised from individual non-corporate donors during period from 1 June until 1 December 2020, and all the reporting requirements are met.

Giving for Latvia
 ( is a UK registered charity, that supports this fundraising initiative.

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Giving for Latvia Giving for Latvia

Giving for Latvia aids children and parents who have suffered from emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and those disadvantaged by age, disability, financial problems and other hardships.

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