We are bungee jumping to raise money for Zebra Access to cover the costs of:
- developing wider volunteering opportunities to support Deaf and Hard of Hearing people 
- providing BSL communication access support for families of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
- arranging events and workshops for young Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
- and any other associated work

The fundraising team:ChrisBeech. Michael Maitland. KirstyGray.

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£790.75 raised of £1,250.00 target


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Zebra Access Zebra Access

Zebra Access is a Deaf led charity that aims to develop opportunities for Deaf people to have better chances in life by providing access to a range of activities. These include; training and workshops to improve their life skills through provision of support, education and advice. Zebra Access also aims to promote and advocating healthier lifestyles by raising and improving awareness of available activities and other health choices. Alongside this, it aims to raise awareness and improve accessibility to technology, services and facilities. Zebra Access supports and promotes a strong community ethos by encouraging Deaf people to become more active within their communities and to work together to tackle common problems, as well as advocate a wider social cohesion. Additionally, Zebra Access also leads and manages an annual Film and Arts festival, which allows Deaf performers, communities and film directors to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

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  • Mon, June 10 2019, 7:02 PM : Chris, Kirsty and Michael did a Bungee Jump yesterday to raise money to develop Zebra Access’ services for the Deaf… https://t.co/MAbXiIehX2
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