The Manorfield Charitable Foundation work in partnership with Manorfield Primary School, a large primary school in Tower Hamlets, East London.

The school is in one of the most deprived parts of the country and serves an underprivileged community.

We want to give the children and families that we work with the very best start in life.  We believe that, despite the huge barriers many of our children face, we will not use these as excuses, but will find ways to overcome these barriers and enable the children to achieve both academically and in all that they do.

In 2018 and 2019, over 450 runners have completed the 'Big Half' half marathon for Team Manorfield, raising over £80,000 towards the building of our much needed new Nursery, Art Studio and Cooking room.  With the Nursery building now complete and the building works for the Art Studio and Cooking Room underway, our focus turns to enhancing the school further.

Having seen the huge impact our fundraising in 2018 & 2019 has had, we are now planning to enhance the school further to allow the children to access further outstanding learning experiences by completing the cooking room and enhancing our outdoor learning and sports facilities.

These projects will cost over £50,000 in total and all funds raised by our Big Half 2020 runners will go directly towards this.


The fundraising team:Hilary Wood. Natalie  Traylen . Emmet Carmody. Adam Pizey. Matthew Knowles. Brian Fry. Anna  Moyes. AnnMarie Fahmy. Kate Brett. Katy Lennon. Khadijah Begum Najifa . Faye Meakin. Graham Johnson. Melissa Burke. Connor Davis. Callum Millward. Jessica Appleton . James Rushworth. Kerry Curtis. Julia Fitzgerald. Jani Cortesini. Joshua Lowen . Yasmyn Ride. Adele Stach-Kevitz. Vicky Fern. Kevin  Prince. Tina Maynard. Sorin Rosu. Christine Gobbi. Jolly  Lazar. Richard Charlwood. Celine Homsey. Rebecca White. Victoria Wilkie. Laura Mayfield. Rachel Robinson. Megan Sanderson. Charlotte Sheridan. Caroline Wilson. Paul Dennis. Kerry Houseago. Albert Mordue. Debra Jean-Baptiste. Andrea Waller. Grace Agate-Bacon. Ramesh Budhathoki. Joe Page. Joyce Tan. Joanne Watson. Dave Hilling. Momtaz Begum. Stephen Bowler. Kate Waples. Claire Jamieson. Tye Plews. Emma Nicholson. David Binge. Nicola Stokes. Anbarasu Govindasamy. Lara Harradine. Leela Kent-Hume. Lance Rathbone. David Reeve. Malgorzata  Kiepurska . Daniel Living. Joel Shorthouse. Patricia Aparicio. Alex Quinn. David  Gilbert. James Hall. Julia Hallam. Lisa Naylor. Mark Sheraton. Karen  Saltwell . James Barnes. Remy Boesse. Sajid Tailor. Yasmin Labibi. Karen Fuller. Francesca Jenkins. John Church. Victoria Moorhouse. Emanuele Briglia. Matt Brown. Rachael Cosgrove. Lorraine Curtin. Tazneem Anwar. Chloe McCole. Gary Binder. Abigail Watling. Sharon Prince. Beth Redfern. Marino Agudelo. Marco Araujo. Eleanor Abbs. Lesley Keddy. Kathryn  Nethercott . Naomi Hodson. Rebecca Clough. Jonathan Gibbs. Cameron Robinson. Danielle Wrenn. Chris Chilton. Jayne Browne. Nick Reeve. Damian Coulton. Claire Axcell. Amy Baxter. Elliott Wincott. Donna Schut. Gary Hunt. Alison Clifford. Songul Ozer. Aaliya Ahmed. Leon Zaal. Eleanor Slann. Nanette Morgan. Miriam Gilbert. Jason Alborough. Remi Kubar. Sam Brown. Helen Braid. Sarah Hall Taylor. Milana Fomina. Keith Stevenson. Rich Hillman. Lara Gratton. Sudichhya Limbu. Ulrike Gerstenberg. Koteshwara Muralidhara. Colin Ross. Hayley Howes. Finlay Campbell. Fabiana Cadoni. Liam Buttery. Anika  Khatun. Abigail  Cramp. Felix Peeters. Ben Evans. Lesley Rathbone. Carolyn Carman. malik Chaabouni. Jimmi Lee. Michael Welbourne. Robin Reynolds. Benjamin Young. Ian Pithouse. Imran Patel. Aaron Stein. Dan James. Michael Harrod. Bianca Hulstrom. Jack Tomlinson. Tahmina Yasmin. Luke Street. alex lees. Sue Campbell. Matthieu Militon. Harry Denniston. Hussein  Assani . Rosamond Apweiler. emily Mackay. Abigail Steinegger. Igor Golopolosov. Richard Clark. Sandra Montoya. Andrew Britton. Amanda Foreman. DULCE ALAYASA. Jayne Bradshaw. David Bacon. Sarah Foster . Nicole Saunders. Sam Lam. leigh shute. Guy Fenton. Anshuman Kabra. Andre Ellis . Ian Grills. Trevor Killick. Jade Slade. Alison Fryatt. Rowena Evans. Andrew Houseago. Jose Araujo. Charissa Taylor. sarah vickery. Esther Hetterley. Jenny Ackland. Nicholas Le-Mon. Vikky Yates. Paul Jackson. Mohmed Kidiya. Emma Jayne. Sam West. Lucia Jelley. Matthew O'Gorman. Joanna Dorling. Shelley Cross. Luke Craig. Agata  Cienciala . Becky DAWSON. Craig Coxall. Samuel Edwards. Lara Tipper. Dhiren Motilal. Anthony Turner. Ross McKellar. Jo Peck. Azhar Naeem. Leon Wei Chung Kong. Rhys Martin. laura king . Joe Gordon. Richard Dorling. Niki Newton. Philip Millward. Han Cherry. Steve Giller. Jim Manzano. Sam Grainger. Natasha Danino. guy hildreth. J J Duncan. Rabea  Begum. Phil Rae. Rachel Gilbey. Kate Booth. Fatima Uddin. Charlotte  Owen . Emily Ferguson. Carrie Duff. Luz Fanny Florez Taborda. JAZMINE SIDWELL. Nicky Dunlop. Deborah Denman. Kate Little. Craig Silver. Simon _ Matt ESP Play. Abigail Acourt. Ronald Dobie. Delroy de Montagnac. Beth Minks. Daniel Davis. Stuart Steen. Aditya Bisen. Edward Yates. Colin Jenkins. Steve Gardner. Bradley Purnell. Lea Schlapfer. Rebecca Morris. Alison Parry. Ryan Winstanley. Melanie Roulston-Bott. Vivienne Eka.

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£39,289.90 raised of £35,000.00 target


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Manorfield Charitable Foundation Manorfield Charitable Foundation

Our mission Our mission is to support the development of the whole child and enhance the quality of life of Manorfield Primary School students by supporting investment in the school and its programme of engagement with the local community so that: • Manorfield’s students have every opportunity to grow into responsible and successful citizens; • The school acts as a force for greater cohesion in local community; • Manorfield Primary School becomes a role model of effective inner city primary education. What need are we addressing? Set in one of the most deprived areas of England, Manorfield Primary School has complex needs to meet in terms of social, economic, health, language and cultural challenges in the community it serves. To achieve its goal of developing the whole child, the school must pay equal attention to its students’ educational, personal and social needs. These go well beyond the areas covered by statutory funding and extend outside the school into work with parents and the local community. The charity’s purpose is to find the extra resources that the school needs to do this important work.

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  • Fri, April 16 2021, 8:39 AM : Who is in need of an architect 🧐 We have an amazing tower bridge created by our year one student Aaminah Hoque 👏 https://t.co/TXyyAV8zsx
  • Thu, April 15 2021, 4:19 PM : RT @MyBalletAcademy: Back in the Studio 2! https://t.co/8uhnrql9RG https://t.co/Cz989hhUyR
  • Wed, April 14 2021, 6:16 PM : RT @KitchenTeaching: The vikings sometimes put preserved fruit on top, some of the children topped their oatcake with a little strawberry j…
  • Wed, April 14 2021, 6:16 PM : RT @KitchenTeaching: This week year 3 are learning about vikings, we started the week with Viking oatcakes. They used oats, butter, whole m…
  • Wed, April 14 2021, 6:16 PM : RT @KitchenTeaching: Oops someone couldn’t wait https://t.co/nazCyKYbnz
  • Wed, April 14 2021, 6:16 PM : RT @KitchenTeaching: Now we put the Rice Krispies in a cupcake case and decorate them with mini eggs and a baby chick. You can eat them lat…
  • Wed, April 14 2021, 6:16 PM : RT @KitchenTeaching: Last day of term the children are going to make Rice Krispie treats. We have some melted chocolate and Rice Krispies,…