Bonobos are our amazing great ape cousins found only in the DR Congo. Tragically, bonobos face increasing risk of extinction owing to the bushmeat and pet trades as well as deforestation. For over 10 years, I have been studying and working at Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary, the world's only bonobo sanctuary and their reintroduction project, Ekolo ya Bonobo. Founded in 1994, Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary does amazing work to rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce orphaned bonobos back into the wild. Their conservation activities also extend to protecting wild bonobos and rainforest biodiversity, through the establishment of a large-scale protected area within the heart of the bonobo landscape . Having seen with my own eyes, they do truly incredible conservation and humanitarian work that help bonobos as well as local communities in conservation education and community development projects.
 On the 2nd June, I am running a very hilly trail marathon in the Lake District ( to raise money for bonobosUK,  our registered charity which is dedicated to supporting the Lola and Ekolo ya Bonobo Projects. Please sponsor me if you would like to support the the amazing work of Lola and Ekolo ya Bonobo Projects . As a committed bonobo ambassador and founder of bonobosUK, I can guarantee that every penny that you donate will go directly to supporting the amazing bonobo conservation and community education activities taking place at Lola/Ekolo in DR Congo. 
Please help protect the bonobos!

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bonobosUK is a registered charity supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of orphaned bonobos in DR Congo- supporting the work of Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary and Ekolo ya Bonobo Reintroduction Site. Lola ya Bonobo is the world's only bonobo sanctuary and plays a crucial role in rehabilitating and reintroducing bonobos, our closest cousins, back into the wild. Conservation education is also at the core of their mission, actively supported by bonobosUK. Bonobos are at increasing great risk of extinction owing to the threats from the bushmeat trafficking, pet trades and deforestation.  bonobosUK seeks to support the activities of Lola ya Bonobo and Ekolo ya Bonobo to protect bonobos and the biodiversity of the forests they live in for future generations to come

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