A Warm Welcome To Mother Bear!

Mother Bear is a  one day event for 'Mother Bears' their cubs, family and friends!

It consists of eight themed zones that speak to the pre-natal to pre-school experience; a large exhibition; music; entertainment and food from around the world! Everyone's invited! 

Zone 1. The eNerGy Zone! Exercise. Diet. Healthy Living!
Zone 2. Pre, Ante and Post Natal Zone! Pregnancy through to Parenthood
Zone 3. Walkers and Crawlers Zone! Baby's first steps
Zone 4. Performance & Play Zone! Stimulating young minds
Zone 5. The Early Learning Zone! Setting your child on the right developmental path
Zone 6. Work: Life Balance Zone! How to manage motherhood, career and 'me time'
Zone 7. Mumpreneurs Zone! Minding your own business!
Zone 8. Dads Zone! Fatherly Advice!

Our event is brought to you by The Brun Bear Foundation, a registered charity that supports a mix of community, animal welfare and medical research projects. 

Last year the event raised enough to support a year's supply of wellbeing wallets for expectant mothers at both Lewisham AND Princess Royal Hospital. 

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Bonus Pastor College, Winlaton Road, London , BR1 5PZ.



From Saturday 20th July 2019 11:00 AM. Until Saturday 20th July 2019 17:00 PM.

About the good cause

The Brun Bear Foundation

The Brun Bear Foundation supports charities and projects focused on medical research into infant and childhood illnesses; animal welfare with particular emphasis on bears; and community projects in the London Boroughs of Bromley and Lewisham. It does this through four fundraising streams: childrens books and education; community and cultural events; supper clubs; an Annual Epic Adventure! Everyone's invited!

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