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"A comedian does funny things. A good comedian does things funny". Buster Keaton

Introducing our Keaton double bill with Costas Fotopoulos returning on for improvised accompaniment. Our short, "One Week", portrays a newly wedded couple who attempt to build a house from a kit. The main feature,"Sherlock Jr", sees Keaton as a projectionist who longs to be a detective. 


Billericay Community Cinema, Billericay Library, 143, High Street, CM12 9AB.



From Thursday 2nd April 2020 19:00 PM.

About the good cause

Billericay Community Cinema

Billericay Community Cinema is a local, not-for-profit and purely voluntary group dedicated to bringing a little bit of Hollywood to our High Street. Films will be shown twice a month - on a Thursday evening for Adults with a Family Show on a Sunday afternoon.

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