Our popular Creationtide supper will be held on Saturday 21st September in the parish room.   The evening will start in church at 18.30 with worship which will be followed by supper in the parish room at 19.00.  Our Creationtide supper replaces our Harvest supper.   Traditionally some people bring a pudding to share - do let one of the churchwardens know if this is something that you would like to do.

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St Anne's Church, Kew, Kew Green, Kew , TW9 3AA.


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From Saturday 21st September 2019 18:30 PM. Until Saturday 21st September 2019 22:00 PM.

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Creationtide Supper

£10.00 per ticket.

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St Anne's Church, Kew Green

A parish church serving the community in Kew, Richmond Surrey.

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