You are invited to attend our Creationtide Supper on 15th September which will celebrate the gifts of God's creation - animal, vegetable and mineral.   The evening will begin in church at 18.20 with worship leading into supper served in our Parish Hall.  MenuStarter – Tomatoes, mozzarella and Basil, Main -  Harissa Chicken (organic free range) or Tray bake Lentil loaf, Flower salad, New Potatoes and Chives and Butter.  Dessert – Fruit salad and those brought by attendees Beverages English Wines - red and white, sparkling British water.

Tickets (limited to 60) £10.00

Please email Tina.Ruygrok@gmail.com an electronic JPEG picture of your favourite image in praise of God's Creation.  OR bring a pudding and let her know if possible what dessert you are bringing.


The Parish Church of St Anne, Kew Green, Richmond, TW9 3AA.



From Saturday 15th September 2018 18:15 PM. Until Saturday 15th September 2018 22:00 PM.

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