Social Sibs is our monthly local opportunity for sibs of children and young people with ASD and Additional Needs to get together, relax have fun and talk about the common issues they face. For more details and dates please visit www.empathyforspecialchildren.org
The first session is free for any sib, thereafter you can choose either 
- Pay an annual of subscription of £30, for the first sib and £20 / sib for additional siblings which will entitles you sib to access any 12 group sessions in a year.
- Pay As You Go at £5 / sib / session 

Super Socials will be added periodically and these may incur an additional cost


Craven Arms, Oswestry, Telford, xxxxxxxxx.



From Wednesday 16th November 2016 18:00 PM.

About the good cause


A small user lead charity working to reduction the social isolation and improve the quality of life for those growing up with Autism and Additional Needs across Shropshire. Through the provision of regular, safe, supported social opportunities for the whole family, we level the playing field and ensure every child has an equal opportunity to access a fulfilled and happy childhood.

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