This session is a chance to hear from the civil servants who are conducting the Scottish Government Consultation on Family Law Reform.  Following their presentation we will have a general discussion about the the proposals that Families Need Fathers Scotland are going to be putting forward, including
a rebuttable presumption of shared care in court cases involving arrangements for children and an end to the use of the terms "residence" and "contact" in Scottish Family Law.
The meeting will start at 7pm on Wednesday 27th June, with tea and coffee available from 6.30.  Ticket fees will support our helpline work.


Robertson House, 152 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4TB.


About the good cause

FNF Scotland

FNF Scotland provides information and support to parents facing problems arranging contact with their children following separation, mainly fathers but also grandparents and other family members and some mothers. We publish information, answer individual enquiries and run monthly support group meetings across Scotland. We also promote the advantages of shared parenting for children and campaign for changes to make shared parenting easier and more widespread.

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