LGBT SAND Compare and choose

LGBT SAND Use the form below to compare the bank charges applied to donations using different payment methods. Single and regular online donation payment methods are compared, including credit card, debit card, PayPal and Direct Debit. Offline donation payment methods are compared, including standing order, bank transfer and cheque donations. Choose the donation payment method that is a balance of personal convenience and financial benefit for your supported organisation.

Enter the amount you wish to donate and press return.

Logo £10.00

Helps with the general cost of SAND's work

Badge £25.00

Funds small, but necessary, promotional items, such as posters, fliers, stickers

Banner £50.00

Enables us to purchase larger items for promotional purposes e.g. pull-up banners and teardrop flags

Media £100.00

Helps in the creation of promotional material that targets awareness raising

Educator £250.00

Helps fund speakers to give talks/attend seminars/exhibitions

Trainer £500.00

Helps towards funding those who are involved in the training of carers

Researcher £1000.00

Helps SAND outreach to older LGBT people about their experiences, fears, lives, needs and thoughts on the care they would like to see

The table below compares the bank charges of making a single or regular donation using different payment methods.

You can make a single donation using debit card, credit card, business card, diners card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.

Payment method Donation Bank charge Donation minus
bank charge
Debit card *   VISA MasterCard 2.11% + 7p
Credit card *   VISA MasterCard 2.7% + 7p
PayPal   PayPal 3.15% + 20p
Diners card   Diners Club International 4.7% + 7p
Business card 3.64% + 7p
Cheque **
Bank transfer **

You can make a regular donation using direct debit or standing order.

Payment method Donation Bank charge Donation minus
bank charge
Direct Debit   Direct Debit 48p
Standing order **

* You can donate using Visa (credit and debit), MasterCard (credit and debit), UK domestic Maestro, Maestro (International), Laser, American Express and Diners.

** Offline payment methods (i.e. bank transfer, cheque and standing order) do not incur a bank transaction charge. A cheque donation may incur a bank charge when your cheque is paid into your supported organisations bank.