About us

Golden Giving is a registered charity. The mission of Golden Giving is to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of charities and social enterprises; Golden Giving is an infrastructure charity. We achieve our mission by providing a web platform that provides the tools charities use to engage with their supporters and develop lasting relationships.

Golden Giving is run solely by volunteers who give of their own time, money and skills to bring about social change. Golden Giving has a measurable social impact. We help create a stronger society and enhance the prosperity of local communities. If you like our work, why not join us!

The radical idea behind Golden Giving is to provide all tools within one single platform and to operate the platform as a not-for-profit service.

The CAF Giving Report 2017 [4] lists the top 10 ways in which charities engage with their supporters, with Golden Giving supporting 9 out of 10. The result is that charities have more time to spend on their charity activities, as charities no longer have to spend time administering and integrating their tools as everything is within one platform.

As a not-for-profit service, any platform charges exclude a profit margin. The result is that more money is delivered to the intended charity and that donations and volunteering are increased. For example, a typical £30 donation would cost a charity £2.25 with for-profit Just Giving and only £0.70 with Golden Giving.

Every charity or good cause that wishes to engage with supporters, in order to generate funds and volunteer placements. Golden Giving supports registered and unregistered charities, CIOs, CICs, CVSs, schools, PTAs, PTFAs and other great causes.

Running a small children's charity is tough!! ... everywhere else had such huge fees and regular subscriptions we couldn't afford!!! ... Golden giving has been so supportive, they have freed me up again to work in my charity doing what I love rather than on my charity! Not only has our fundraising increased my time is now spent doing more of the things that matter. - Harwich Horse Rangers

A few statistics:

  • A typical £30 donation will cost a charity £2.25 using Just Giving, and only £0.70 using Golden Giving .
  • A charity generating £40k through donations, events, raffles and memberships will receive over £7.5k more compared with for-profit platforms such as Just Giving and Eventbrite.
  • If 3000 charities enrolled with Golden Giving, over £22.2 million would go to charity front line causes, year on year, compared with using for-profit platforms.

As group of technology professionals who believed in giving back, we created Golden Giving in 2008. We couldn't help but notice the unjustifiable high fees that many for-profit giving websites were charging [1] [2] [3]. We knew this had to change and so we set out on a mission to create a platform that surpassed the best known for-profit giving websites. 10 years later and Golden Giving is the most feature rich web platform [4], enabling greater supporter engagement and funds generation, compared with for-profit platforms [5].

Between September 2008 and February 2017 Golden Giving was run by volunteers, self-funded and grew by word of mouth. We demonstrated that a volunteer led charity could delivery the most feature rich giving platform, compared to the for-profit model.

In March 2017 the team decided to compete with for-profit platforms in terms of scale. This resulted in the start of a set of focused activities around the productisation and marketing of the platform. A small platform fee was introduced that enables the technical infrastructure to be self funding.

We envisage a future where core services are provided to charities, including donating, fundraising, tickets, memberships and raffles, with the highest levels of quality at the lowest cost. This vision enables charities do more and be more effective.

Nathan Pinkney Technology

See https://www.linkedin.com/in/golden-giving-ceo/.

Eylem Pinkney Administration

See https://www.linkedin.com/in/eylemsahinturk/.

We are always grateful of all the volunteers who have worked with Golden Giving over the last 10 years. Thank you.

We are also very grateful to the industry partners that have supported us in creating the platform and service, providing their services for free, at cost or discounted, including The Positive Internet Company, Accepts Cards, Payacardservices, EazyCollect and Victoria Cummings.