About us

As group of technology geeks who believed in giving back, we created Golden Giving in 2008.

We couldn't help but notice the unjustifiable high fees that many for-profit charity giving websites were charging [1] [2] [3]. We knew this had to change...

We set out on a mission to create a platform that surpassed the best known for-profit giving websites with features at low cost, to support charity front line causes and provide greater donor support.

9 years later, Golden Giving has become the most feature rich charity giving website [4] with the lowest fees [5], compared with the best known for-profit giving websites such as Just Giving, Local Giving, Charity Checkout, Every Day Hero and Givey.

Golden Giving has a measurable social impact. To put this into perspective in terms of fees alone, a typical £30 donation will cost a charity £2.25 using Just Giving, and only £0.70 using Golden Giving (or £57 thousand a day or £20 million a year).

If you like our work, why not join us!